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Doggie Travel

Car journeys aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s exciting to think of the destination, however far or near it may be, but actually getting there can be a right pain. People get restless, a whopper of a traffic jam appears out of nowhere (let the road rage commence) and worst of all; endless games of ‘I spy’ occur. But as distressing as it is for us, your furry friend can also become very uncomfortable. At DoggieGadgets.com we believe that these following products will improve the car journey for your pup and will also make your life a lot easier!

Travel Water Bottle and Bowl - £11.99

Hydration is key when travelling with your dog as it helps to maintain their body temperature and avoid digestive problems. This durable and practical Travel Water Bottle and Bowl can easily provide water whenever your dog has a need for some refreshing h20. It comes in a variety of colours and comes in two sizes (200ml/500ml) to suit the size of your dog. The lid is attached to the bowl so you can simply lift the bottle up and squeeze to control the amount you put in; it’s a nice feature if you don’t want the water to overflow and spill in your lovely car. The lid is also very secure so no leakages will occur. Another great feature of this item is the handy little clip so it won’t get lost in the depths of your bag. You can even attach it to a lead when going on longer walks, no more drinking from muddy puddles!

Waterproof Car Seat Dog Cover - £38.99

It’s inevitable that dog hairs will end up all over your car seats, floor and even gearstick! Hoovering after every trip will eventually become very irritating, especially if you don’t have a fancy Dyson one. To minimise the mountain of hairs this Waterproof Car Seat Cover will solve all your problems! It comes with an enclosed feature to contain your excitable doggie and is luxuriously quilted to increase the comfortableness, your pooch will be sure to sleep like a baby. The cover contains two pockets so all your dog supplies will be in one place - why not put your new Travel Water Bottle and Bowl inside one of them? The cover is very easy to attach and detach so you can shake all their hairs off and wipe clean if it ever gets muddy (I’m sure it will). A split zipper feature is included so the cover doesn’t have to take up the whole of the backseats, your pup will obviously love sitting next to you. This item also includes seat belts to add that extra bit of security.


Henry Wag Dog Booster Seat - £52.99

For smaller dogs, the Henry Wag Dog Booster Seat is very ideal for car journeys. This can be placed on the front seat to give your dog that elevated view of its surroundings. The booster seat is perfect for dogs that suffer from anxiety as you’ll be in close proximity to calm them down. It can be easily fixed onto the head restraint and seat back to strongly secure it. Again, it’s padded to increase comfort and even has a removable fleece liner if the car is chillier than expected!

KONG Scrunch Knots Fox Dog Toy - £8.99

It’s not just us that gets restless on car journeys, your pooch needs some entertainment too! The KONG Scrunch Knots Fox Dog Toy is perfect to cure boredom. The internal knots satisfy your furry friends instincts and the squeaker adds that extra bit of fun. If your pup starts to get a bit more irritated than expected; the Fox contains no stuffing whatsoever so you don’t have to worry about them making an absolute mess.

These products will ensure that your dog has a safe, enjoyable journey when you decide to hit the road. They’re affordable and durable which makes them well worth the money!

Safe travels!