Over £2k donated so far this month - FREE UK delivery over £40.

Every product you buy helps make a difference

When we started Doggieco, we wanted to make a difference, not just to our lives but the lives of dogs.

We didn't know what we wanted to DO but we knew we wanted to DO something. DoggieDo was born.

We were working 12 hour days with little time to spend with our kids or our dogs.

One day, we decided to leave the corporate life and help make a difference.  We wanted to help rescue dogs. We couldn't adopt them all.

How does it work?
For each product we sell, we donate a portion of the profits so that we can help feed rescue dogs. We can't take them all home, but we can help feed them.

Where do the donations go?
The vast majority of the donations at the moment go to rescue centres across the UK.

How do I know you really donate? 
We are happy to provide verification of how and when we have donated and further details about our monthly donations.